About the Wooden Cakebox Co.


The Wooden Cakebox Co. was established in 2001 as a small family run business. Our cakeboxes are made from natural New Zealand Kahikatea and are especially designed for cooking rich fruit cakes that require long cooking times. The original cake boxes were made for the Dunning family over 50 years ago and have been used to bake hundreds of fruit cakes over the years!cakeboxes

The wooden cakeboxes make Christmas Cake baking simple and successful! Each cakebox comes with a fail-safe fruit cake recipe or they can be used with your own traditional recipe. Because the natural timber insulates the cakes as they bake, there is no need to wrap the box with extra layers of paper during baking. Using a wooden cakebox ensures an evenly cooked, moist rich fruit cake.

New additions to the Wooden Cakebox Co. are a wooden rolling pin which is sourced from selectively logged Tasmanian Huon Pine, and the wooden loaf box.The huon rolling pin has a beautiful silky finish making it the ideal rollling pin, and the wooden loaf box is another New Zealand Kahikatea product which is used in the same manner as the wooden cake box when cooking loaf recipes.

- Anthea Dunning