About the Wooden Cakebox Co.


The Wooden Cakebox Company is committed to providing a quality heirloom baking product that will last. We make our cakeboxes from New Zealand native Kahikitea milled from fallen logs. This timber is known for its stability, clean finish and neutral odour, so it is perfect for use with food products.

In 2016 we found that some of our cakeboxes were warping and pulling apart when used in the oven. While the baking results were still excellent, the cakeboxes were not lasting as they should. If you have purchased a cakebox that warps or pulls apart during baking, please return it to the retailer and they will refund you. If it was purchased through this website please contact me and I will refund any purchase that is not up to our usual quality. You can email me at

We have finally secured a supply of new timber for our wooden cakeboxes and will have new stock available from Junel 2018.

- Anthea Dunning